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Camouflage regresa a Argentina! Leé la entrevista que les hicimos y enterate de todo!


Camouflage, el emblemático trío alemán del synth-pop, vuelve a Buenos Aires.

La banda llega al país a presentar éxitos como LOVE IS A SHIELD, THE GREAT COMMANDMENT, THAT SMILING FACE, junto a su nuevo disco “Greyscale” lanzado a principios del año.

Camouflage puede inspirar el baile, el llanto y la contemplación en igual medida y te invita a hacerlo en su único show en Buenos Aires, el 16 de Septiembre en Niceto Club.

Compartimos con ustedes la más reciene entrevista que les realizamos!


1- What are your feelings about your fantastic new album "Greyscale"? We really enjoy all the tracks!

First of all we are very proud about Greyscale. We spend a lot of time to write and produce the songs. We worked with great musicians and producers and love to play the new songs live!

2- What represent Bureau B for CAMOUFLAGE?

Bureau B is our label, owned by an old friend of us – Gunther Buskies and we feel understood and supported there.

3- Can you tell us about your great amazing video "Shine"? We loved it so much!

We shot the video in Hamburg insida a theatre, a studio and in the back of a car at night. The main focus was on the word „shine“ and a good performance – we love it, too!

4- Can you anticipate a little about the southamerican tour and the show in Niceto Club in Argentina? We can't wait!!!

To play at the Niceto club is like coming home! We played more often there, than in Berlin. The audience is fantastic and we can’t wait to play again – DALE BOLUDO – we love you!
South America is so fantastic to play, that we try to come back every 2-3 years.

5- How do you feel when you are performing alive in diverses places around the world? How many cities do you know for the music and lifestyle of CAMOUFLAGE?

To tour around the word is an unbelievable thing and we are very graceful to become the chance to do it again and again. People are so happy when we come to their countries and we are so happy that so many people are coming to our shows!

6-Do you listen music from southamerica?

Only the big hit songs and artists, who are released world wide.

7- What are your inspirations right now?

We are inspired by the life we live in – every moment can be something to write about, when you live with your eyes open.

8-Do you remember the beginning from the group? How do you guys see the CAMOUFLAGE transition and growth from then to now?

Everything is unbelievable – we never thought about to continue with this journey over 30 years after we started the band!

9-What do you think about the synth-pop evolution sound around the world?

The actual sound is great. I like the way how things are becoming more simple again and not more bombastic.

10- We have a funny question for everybody, the answer is free of interpretation of course: What CAMOUFLAGE have in your backpack?

We always travel with a smile...







Entradas anticipadas: $400.


·> Boletería Niceto Club (Lu. a Vie. de 12 a 19 hs. SOLO EFECTIVO)
·> TICKETEK (Efectivo y tarjetas de crédito). Venta TELEFÓNICA: (011) 5237.7200.


Puntos de venta autorizados: 

ticketek.com.ar/locales. Venta ONLINE: ticketek.com.ar/camouflage/niceto-club


·> 2x1 de Club La Nación solo por sistema TICKETEK (cupo limitado)


Para los shows del primer turno (21 a 24 hs) la boletería de NICETO CLUB abre a partir de las 20:30 hs para la venta de entradas a precio de ENTRADA GENERAL del show a comenzar.

En este horario no se venderán entradas anticipadas para otros shows.

Atención: los precios pueden cambiar hasta la fecha del concierto.

Importante: Para el ingreso a las fiestas por disposición del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires la entrada está permitida hasta las 4 am. Después de ese horario el ingreso al local está expresamente prohibido por la ley.


Colectivos: 15 - 21 - 39 R3 - 55 - 93 - 108 - 110 - 111 - 140 - 141 - 151 - 161 - 166 - 168


Thanks to: Matthias Kümpflein & Camouflage crew


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