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Double Touch Interview
Double Touch Interview | Moochila

From Sydney to Buenos Aires,we present you Double Touch.

The duo project by Van-Anh and Mark Olsen connects with Moochila for the first time. Connections with Lee Burridge and his All Day I Dream label, new EP and much more.

1) How were your beginnings in music? 
Van-Anh: both my parents are musicians (Mum, an opera singer and Dad, a classical guitarist), so I was introduced to music very very early in life. I started playing the piano at 13 months old (before I could walk and talk) and classical music was my upbringing. It wasn’t until I went to school and was exposed to other genres of music that I ended up writing and playing other styles of music, subsequently working with writers and producers of other genres.
Mark Olsen: I started playing drums in the school band when I was in primary school.   I then played drums and some guitar/bass in bands with friends in my teenage years, then fell into electronic music and DJing in my 20s.

As for Double Touch, we have been writing and creating music together for 3 years now, starting off with writing in music studios and subsequently moving into live shows.

2) We really like your new videoclip Sunriser! How was filmed?
Thanks so much. We filmed this in California on a hot Summer’s day. Our friend Nick Conrad is a fabulous creative Director and videographer. We told him our ideas, he scouted the location, we all drove out with all our instruments, decks, equipment to a location near the Mojave Desert and shot it. We had a very short time frame to shoot due to trying to capture the sun’s movement but it all worked and we are super happy with the final product. 

3) For us, one of the best compilation albums of the year it's Summer Sampler 2019 by All Day I Dream. Are you happy about the public & fans reception? 
Thanks! Yes, we feel honored to be a part of the 2019 Summer Sampler alongside many great artists. The response has been great especially having the music video to show our live elements.


"We feel honored to be a part of the 2019 Summer Sampler alongside many great artists".  

4) How you describe your connection with Lee Burridge and the All Day I Dream family?
Lee is one of the most supportive genuine people we know. We don’t know how he does it, being on the road all year round, performing and then listening to all the demos he gets sent! The ADID family is truly the best - everyone is supportive of each other. When we played our first ADID events in San Francisco‘a Golden Gate Park this past June, we met Roy Rosenfeld, Hoj, Junior and everyone was hanging out, having a good time and so so nice! We were traveling through Greece Athens recently and caught up with DSF, another wonderful open person. The support amongst artists is such a great thing to have.

Double Touch Interview | Moochila
Van-Anh, Lee Burridge y Mark Olsen
5) Can you describe how Adagio EP's done?
This EP started with us writing in the studio in Los Angeles (we have 2 homes, Los Angeles and Sydney). We knew we wanted to have the classical influences from Van-Anh’s upbringing interwoven with the many years of Mark’s electronic music producing.  We then replaced the synth strings with a real string section once we were back in Sydney.

6) How is the electronic & music scene in Sydney?
It is much smaller compared to other big cities in the world but the followers of this style of music are supportive. The “big room” EDM sound has gone in the clubs and Techno seems to have taken over.   The music we play (Melodic/Deep House) seems to be a genre that is growing which is great! 

7) Do you have plans from touring in South America 2019/2020? Come to Argentina please!
We would LOVE TO, no plans yet though. Van-Anh particularly loves the traditional tango style of music from Argentina so it’s been on her hit list for a long time. Hopefully we can schedule it in for next Summer as we are keen to travel and perform as much as possible in 2020!  :)

8) What's next in Double Touch life?
We have an EP* out with an Australian label, ASTRX (formerly Ministry of Sound) which is out September 6. Following that, we have a song out on the next Buddha Bar compilation which is also out this month. Our Australian Summer season starts soon so we’ll be playing festivals around Australia (check our socials for dates and venues). As usual, we’ll be crafting and writing and the next release on one of Lee Burridge’s labels will be announced soon. 

*The EP it's out!
#Bonus - Canopy Sounds 60: Double Touch


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