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By Diego Barreiro | @diegobarrei
Hang Massive en Niceto Club
Hang Massive, the most famous Handpan musicians in the world, who with their videos have accumulated more than 100 million visits worldwide, arrive in Buenos Aires and gently talk to Moochila before.

How were your beginnings in music?

Danny - I was playing music from a young age in school where i played the clarinet and saxophone. When i left to start travelling i started playing the didgeridoo which is something that i played then for many years. All of those things led to me finding the hang and deciding to play it.

Markus - Both of parents are very musical. My father is a fantastic drummer and the things that i learnt from him supported me a lot when i started to play the hang.

We really like your new videoclip The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon! How was filmed?

We live in India for a large part of the year. This video was filmed in Ladakh which is a region in far North of India. We are very interested in the cultures of these lands and it was incredible to travel there and film this beautiful video. We went with a small film crew and everything was filmed quite spontaneously. We knew that the mask dance festival was happening in the monastery which is featured in the video and that was another one of the reasons that we travelled there.


Can you tell us something about Luminous Emptiness?

Luminous Emptiness is our most recent album. It was a project that we made together with our Dzogchen teacher. It was our teacher who named the album and also named all of the tracks. It was a very magical process in which the album came about and we feel that the music is infused with a very special quality. So people all around the world have really loved the new music. The album evolved into an amazing new live show which is the show that we are now touring with. 

How was the process with the crowdfunding action off that album?

The crowdfunding was great! We have crowdfunded the last two albums that we have made. It feels great to be supported by so many people all over the world and great that so many people trust us in advance to deliver a fantastic final product. It is part of the changing nature of the music industry where artists are increasingly empowered to be able to manage and fund their own work. 


Can you describe how your music's ethic work?

Its not that we have an ethic specifically for our music. We have an ethic for life and that is what informs the music. We live a life of complete relaxation in each moment and this deep relaxation informs all that we do including our music.

Are you working in a new album right?

Yes, we have started the process of working on a new album which feels great! We will start a crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks to support that process. Most of the album we will record when we are back in India as we have a nice studio set up there.

Do you remember when you first meet in Goa? Did you imagine back then that you were going to achieve worldwide success with your music?

We of course remember when we met in Goa! It was not clear directly that life would unfold in the way that it did. I would say though, that it became clear from very early on when we started playing music together that the combination of what we did together really connected with people. That became even more clear once we released our online videos and we saw the response to that. From there it was clear that we had the possibility to share our music around the whole world!

"We love to drink mate. It will be brilliant to visit Argentina".

What are your feelings about the upcoming show in Buenos Aires? We can't wait! 

We are so excited to come there! People have been asking us to come for so long so we are super excited to have finally made it happen. We love to drink mate and this is something we have done together since we met. It will be brilliant to visit Argentina and also to visit Chile and Uruguay. It looks like the event in Buenos Aires will be very well attended and we really cant wait to be there! We should have some extra time around the events and hopefully have some time to explore!

What's next in Hang Massive life?

We have the upcoming tour in the UK and Ireland and then the shows in South America. From there we will spend some months in India where we also have some shows and we will make a new album. From there 2020 is going to be very busy with shows and more touring! We are really looking forward to all of it!

Hang Massive en Niceto Club

Imperdible show en Niceto Club. ¿Nos vemos ahí?

Puertas Abiertas - 19:30
Espectáculo Hang Massive - 21:00

Haga clic aquí para comprar entradas - https://www.ticketek.com.ar/hang-massive/niceto-club

Hang Massive son los artistas de Handpan más conocidos del mundo y ahora está la banda esta de gira mundial. En diciembre tocaran en Buenos Aires. Ya hay ventas disponibles con descuento por reserva anticipada.

Hang Massive recientemente ha lanzado un nuevo álbum 'Luminous Emptiness' y estarán de gira con un nuevo espectáculo.


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