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DIONNE REID Interview!

New international interview, Dionne Reid from UK!

1) What are your feelings about your great Soundcheck mixtape? We loved it!

THANK YOU I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love this project it is a true reflection of me. Its crazy to know that something recorded in my bedroom is appreciated around the world.

2) Can you tell us something about the intro? We have the original vinyl from Dawn Penn!

That track is legendary as soon as you hear the intro it makes you feel good, feel nice :)

3) You offer the new project for free download. Why? What's the idea behind?

Just wanted to spread some good vibez free of charge

4) What are your musical inspirations right now? And in the early days?

I have always been inspired by artists like Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley also love artists like Tarrus Riley and of course my brother Randy Valentine

5) Are you working in a new video for Soundcheck?

Yep working on visuals as we speak ;)


6) What are your feelings about the Marley Brothers?

Love the Marley family I've had the pleasure of meet Damien and supporting Julian Marley on tour.

They are an extremely talented family with such a passion for music.


Watch the video "Winners" from Incisive feat. Julian Marley & Dionne Reid

7) What are the next steps for Dionne Reid? Maybe a southamerican tour?

So much to come! new music, new visuals and more shows. I would love to have a 2017 tour this years European tour was out of this world South America would be a great I await my invite :)







Thanks Dionne!


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