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By Diego Barreiro @diegobarrei
Interview to Micah Shemaiah
Mica Shemaiah Interview

Micah Shemaiah is an exceptional artist from Kingston, Jamaica. His new album "Roots I Vision" is out now. In this interview we speak about the music and his life in the beatiful island. Enjoy it!!


1) What are your feelings about your new album "Roots I Vision"?

I give thanks for the opportunity to make music that can touch the lives of others.

2) Are you in love with the reggae roots? We love your sound!

No I am not in love with Reggae Roots I am a Rastaman and I Use Reggae Roots to Spread the will of Jah. So I am in love with what Reggae Roots does for the spirit of the people.



3) It's this time a new strong moment for the reggae roots genre?

I have no idea of these things lion for me without the roots we will become something else so its always a strong time for Reggae in my house.

3) Are you still living in Kingston? What's life there?

Yes I do still live in Kingston, and life here is as u make it.

Micah Shemaiah - In this Land (Official Video)

4) Maybe this 2018 we will enjoy a Micah Shemaiah show in Argentina? Please come!!!

Hope to come to Argentina someday, it might be this year who knows, I can only come if I am invited so Jah willin soon.

5) What are your plans for this year?

Touring my new album, hopefully to south America as well.

Micah Semaiah interview

Micah Shemaiah has everything it takes to become a flagship in the hearts and minds of reggae fans. Leader of the revival of Jamaican roots reggae, with his music he pays homage to his foundations. Conscious and motivated Micah Shemaiah encourages the empowerment of young people and disadvantaged people worldwide.

Micah Shemaiah presents his 4th album in collaboration with the Swiss label Evidence Music, after the success of his latest releases such as Original Dread, Jah Love and Dread At The Control. For this new album he joins forces with the Geneva musicians of 18th Parallel (Najavibes - Fruits Records) to offer a Roots album that echoes the golden age of Reggae. A nod to the leading artists of this period such as Black Uhuru or Gregory Isaacs.

The album mixed in Munich by Umberto Echo, has this 80's touch that few records have nowadays. The production brings Micah Shemaiah's voice to a new dimension and highlights the talent of one of the rising stars of Jamaican roots.

With Roots-I-Vision, Micah Shemaiah defends his authenticity and cultural values. Recorded live, with various vintage instruments, such as Simmons drums, synthesizer, synare, this concept album promises to be one of the strong releases of 2018.

Roots I Vision @Spotify


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