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Interview to Ross Godfrey from Morcheeba
Ross Godfrey from Morcheeba

The music of Morcheeba has brought me peace and happiness since always. I feel that their records have a magical musical harmony. A while ago, the group is led by Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards. Since 2016, they have been touring the world presenting their great album "Skye & Ross". I present the exclusive interview to Ross, who among other issues, tells us when they come to Argentina (yes this year !!!) and when their new album comes out !!


1) You guys always toured and performed music around the world. In this new album, it was easy to find the chemistry between you for the process of creation music?

Yes, recently we have been trying to channel the energy of the live show into the studio recordings, making them more raw and exciting.



2) Now that you have presented the songs in many festivales and cities, what response do you feel about your fans? We love all the album!!!

We love playing gigs and festivals, especially places we don’t get to go to often, it feels wonderful to enjoy the moment with the audience.

3) Are you still touring with your family? It's a wonderfull moment right?

Skye brings her son Jaega to play the drums and her husband Steve to play bass. Sometimes we both bring smaller kids too, they love being on the tour bus.

4) Maybe this 2018 we will enjoy a Skye & Ross show in Argentina? Please come!!!

Yes we are coming in March to play as Morcheeba to support a new Morcheeba record that will be released in June 2018! We’ll play a bunch of new songs from the album which is called Blaze Away.

Skye | Ross - Light of Gold (Official Video)

5) What are your plans for this year?

We are going to South America, Australia, South Africa, North Africa, Europe and Russia to do concerts in the next few months, after that I think we will tour North America later in the year and try to find some time to relax and write more songs.

¡¡Finally.. they come back to Argentina!!

Morcheeba in Teatro Gran Rivadavia


Get your tickets from now! 09/02/2018 in:



In Session. Working on the new Morcheeba album. #ZionTrain #ClassyBrass #OverDub #LoveDub

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 Ross Godfrey from Morcheeba


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