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TARJA TURUNEN Interview | Moochila
Tarja naked, vulnerable but aggressive like never before on her brand new album “In The Raw”. We present our new interview with TARJA TURUNEN.

About the album

Why you decided to do some Raw music? Of course we talk about the new album and the concept.

I found myself “in the raw” while working on the album compositions and production. I wanted to keep the sound of the album more rough and raw than on my previous records, especially when it came to electric guitars. The first demos of the songs written in the beginning of the song writing process sounded raw as they were not produced yet, but that was exactly what I was looking for. A sound that would not be polished and over produced. I wished the guitars to be in my face, supporting my big voice. Now they sound raw and energetic. Also the lyrics of the album are very personal to me. I took a deep breath and a journey within myself and this self discovery trip made the album be the most personal album ever from me so far. So I am definitely more vulnerable and fragile on this album…kind of “in the raw”.

Can you tell us something about your friendship with Cristina Scabbia? How was the creating process of Goodbye Stranger?

With Cristina we had been looking for a chance to collaborate one way or another in the recent years, but only now we got the chance when I found the perfect song for it. We have been friends and supporting each other in this industry for a long time already, so Goodbye Stranger definitely made it all feel like a celebration of sisterhood of metal. I wanted to have her voice very well present in the song and as the song is very “raw” in it’s production, our different kind of voices sound powerful and gives the song more intimate touch. I am honoured to have Cristina on my record.

How chemistry works with Alex Scholpp?

I am writing the most guitar based songs with him. He has been working with me already more than 10 years, so we know each other pretty well.

What response are you getting from your fans about the new album?

I have been touring with the album in Russia already and it seems that my fans and listeners are enjoying the album a lot. The feedback I have gotten is super positive, which of course makes me very happy.


How was the recording of the Tears In Rain video clip?

That experience was fantastic and I had a great time together with my team mate roller derby girls. They are killer girls! But at the same time the experience was quite painful to me, since I had recently or just before the filming took place in London, broken my coccyx, so roller skating was very difficult to me. I made the days through with lots of painkillers.

Do you check your stats from Spotify?

I am not that interested in checking the statistics to be honest. I rather concentrate into making music, which I handle better.

The connection with Buenos Aires, Argentina

What's represent Argentina for you after all of these years?

Argentina opened up it’s arms for me already in year 2000 and was my home for several years. I married Argentinean guy and got a family there. I felt great living in Buenos Aires and the country will always remain very important and dear to me.

What we can expect about your upcoming show in Teatro Flores?

I am presenting my newest album “In The Raw” on this tour is South America, so we are going to play few songs from that album as well as songs from my whole career. You will enjoy the rocking set list I have prepared you! The musicians following me this time include Doug Wimbish from Living Colour and Julian Barrett from Asspera (Argentinean guitar player) among the ones that you have seen me performing with lately.

TARJA TURUNEN Interview | Moochila

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TARJA TURUNEN Interview | Moochila

"I am very happy. I have found a beautiful home in Spain with my family and we feel happy and safe here. I am busy and trying to maintain a good health, so I cannot really complain!".

Woman equality

Is it easy for a woman to succeed in the music industry?

It has never been the issue for me to make success with music. Actually I have never needed to show more than I have wanted to show or do anything that made me feel uncomfortable. I know I have been very lucky and I know that this is not the case with all the women in this industry, but I am just talking about my own experience. Maybe the fact that I have been always following my own path being quite different than the rest, has been my blessing.


Last but not least

What’s next in Tarja’s life?

The next two years of touring with the new album all around the globe, a month long Christmas tour as well at the end of this year and new projects in the horizon already. I am workaholic, but I like to be on the move.

Are you happy right now with your life?

I am very happy, thank you for asking. I have found a beautiful home in Spain with my family and we feel happy and safe here. I am busy and trying to maintain a good health, so I cannot really complain!

And the last question, it’s a funny question: What do you have in your backpack? (Moochila it means backpack with a extra “o”). This is our ritual question for everybody ;)

My computer, cable, in ear monitors, phone, liquids for air travel (perfume/creams etc), some make up, sleeping pillow.

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