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FAT FREDDY'S DROP - BAYS album sting
Desde Nueva Zelanda les presentamos un fabuloso grupo musical!

Nueva entrevista internacional! New international interview!


1- What are your feelings about your upcoming new album "BAYS"? We loved the new single!

Pride, joy, relief. It's something we've poured a great deal of energy and time into, and it's finally about to get out into the world - on time and in good shape.

It's a miracle really as we'd normally take twice as long to put together a record.


2- How was the process of creating new music again?

It’s always satisfying writing and recording, and it’s especially exciting having new material to play in our shows.

This time we wrote the songs in a linear sort of way – just following our instincts as to what should come next, rather than having sections pre-ordained that we then needed to fix together some how.

The result is a bit more coherent I think.


3- Can you tell us about the mix "Sounds of New Zealand"? We loved it so much!

Our friend Bobby Brazuka out that together to bring the sounds of modern NZ music to Sth America. He’s a man on a mission and he pulled in some of the best new music from here, so more power to him.


4- The band members also are involved in another projects, can you recommend something?

To be honest, out other projects have really been on the back burner for the last year so we could concentrate on this record.

But The Shogun Orhestra, The Yoots and Lord Echo are all places you’ll find the horn section moonlighting.


5- Are you guys working in a BAYS 2016 tour right?

Yes, we launch the album at the end of October and then start touring; Europe (twice), then back to NZ and Australia and on to the US (hopefully)

6-Maybe a southamerican tour 2015/2015? We need your music and energy in Argentina!

We’d love to come, I’m sure we could play music for you and you could provide beef and Malbec for us!


7- What are your music inspirations?

How long have you got????? The inspirations stretch across the last 60years or so of music, mainly music that has it’s roots in Africa, the Caribbean and America.

8- Can you describe some words from your beautiful city Wellington?

It’s a small city nestled in the hillside of a deep bay, that gets not enough sun and too much wind and rain.

But we love it!


9-What represent THE DROP /REMOTE CONTROL RECORDS for the band?

The Drop is our label. We’re an independent operator here in NZ, it’s the only way we can retain control of the musical process.

10- We have a funny question for everybody, the answer is free of interpretation of course: What FAT FREDDY'S DROP have in your backpack?

Normally a bottle of aged rum, sunglasses and something to make the hangover go away.





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Thanks to: Sarah Hunter, Chopper Reeds aka Scott Towers & Fat Freddy's Drop crew!


Por Diego Barreiro / by Diego Barreiro (twitter.com/diegobarrei)

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